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Help us build #ThePeoplesNetwork while building your bankroll! Get a FREE Helium Miner, power your city and Earn Money!

PowerYourCity is a company that is working to build the global IoT Wireless Network by giving away free Helium Miners. Each Helium Miner works to add coverage to your area and provide tracking data in through the Tabs app. Every time you prove your location or provide location data, you get paid!

When you signup with PowerYourCity, all you need to do is provide your location (ie. Where you live or work) and where you plan to connect the Helium Miner. PowerYourCity does the rest! Before shipping your Miner they will call to confirm your order. Once it has been confirmed your Miner will ship as soon as it has become available.

This service is entirely free, you do not have to pay more for more Miners! If you have more locations where you can connect Miner devices, you can request more directly through their web portal. PowerYourCity works with the Helium network and your payments will be sent automatically to your dedicated Helium address. This can be a Helium wallet on your cellphone or on an exchange like Binance or Binance US.

If you have not yet begun exploring Helium mining, we highly recommend you request a free PowerYourCity device and start providing coverage in your area! The device itself runs on approximately 5 watts of power, so less than a light bulb and these typically payout between 10 and 30 HNT per day if you have other devices in your area!

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